I have allergies in addition to gluten and dairy, do you use nuts/eggs/soy/etc?

I am happy to accommodate other allergies to the best of my ability. Please note that the kitchen I use contains gluten, dairy, nuts and eggs, among other allergens. I prepare my cakes with the utmost caution, but cannot guarantee complete lack of cross-contamination.

Does my cake have to be gluten and dairy free?

Yes. The only exception to this rule are white chocolate decorations, which are only used when requested.

Should I refrigerate my cake?

Cakes are best enjoyed at room temperature. Please refrigerate your cake until 2 hours before you plan on eating.

How do I transport my cake?

When you are carrying your cake box, please support it from the bottom. If you are transporting your cake in the car, either have a friend hold it in their lap or place the cake box on the flattest available surface. Please keep the car as chilled as possible.

Can you deliver?

I currently only offer delivery for wedding cakes.

Where and when do you offer pickup?

Pickup is at Shopkeepers (1231 Florida Ave. NE Washington DC 20002) Wednesday - Saturday from 11am - 6pm. If you need to pick up outside of these hours please let me know so that we can coordinate alternate options.

How do I pay for my cake?

Payment is accepted upon pickup or delivery of your cake. Credit card is the preferred method of payment.